The Book of Perilous Dishes (Mâța Vinerii)

Occult cookbook, Phanariots, mystery. Bucharest, 1798.

An atmosphere so strong that follows you long after you closed the book.

The Little Red Man (Omulețul roșu)

Love online, virus, grooming, crime, cyberspace.

The novel reads with great joy, with the mind ravaged by exclamations and a barely restrained laughter.

Lizoanca at the age of eleven (Lizoanca la 11 ani)

Romanian village today, the secrets of a small community, one child against the world, one culprit, more stories.

Lizoanca is a groundbreaking book written in a style refined and nuanced.


An ordinary vampire...

Do not protect yourself from Zogru! Maybe it's too late anyway ...

Occult Beds

Two students at the Faculty of Letters fall in love in a strange way, after coming into contact with some mystical beds. Behind this unusual occurrence lies a long line of stories from a world that can be both older or newer, palpable or subtle, but definitely rooted in today’s history.

Amazing is the fire of a row of stunts of pungent and fulminating expressions that the author devises to describe situations and moods of her protagonist.

Homeric (Homeric)

A forest with ghosts and enchanted grass. A strange creature.

A debauch of the fabulous, in a book of damned passions and deadly charms.

The Phanariot Manuscript (Manuscrisul fanariot)

Love, slavery, 18 Century, history.

a feast of historical prose

The Ghost in the Mill (Fantoma din moară)

A ghost, the ruins of a mill, communism, Chernobyl. No one can decide who is guilty and who is not.

The product of a powerful original prose writer, a rara avis in post communist Romanian literature.

The mother of two chicories (Mămica la două albăstrele)

Adulterer, adopted children, mothers defects, hypocrisy of adoptions, love and despair, Bucharest today.

The novel is a gem in which the author slips into the skin of each character without ostentation, resulting in a refined psychological and contextual analysis.

Four men plus Aurelius (Patru bărbați plus Aurelius)

Urban adventure, love, crime, strange happenings, surrealism, satire.

Fast-paced, sinewy, with a thriller-like plot, countless surprises and out-of-the-ordinary events, the novel is a page-turner.

The fiancée (Logodnica)

He loved. He was deceived. He wanted to get revenge. She has another version. One story, two confessions.

Doina wrote an admirable novel, from two confessions, as different, so related. A parable about East and West, about the extremes of Europe.


The checkered shirt and 10 other episodes from Bucharest (Cămașa în carouri și alte 10 întâmplări din București)

Time travel, life after death, love, contemporary miracles, urban adventures…

In fiction novels of today, Doina Rusti is unrivaled.

The Depraved Man from Gorgani

The Doina Ruști's stories tells us about impossible loves, based on documents and written with her well-known talent.

52 stories of depravity, related to private documents from the 18th century

The Weird Love Stories from Phanariot Bucharest

The Doina Ruști's stories tells us about impossible loves, based on documents and written with her well-known talent.

47 fanariote stories about loves and bizarre passions: true events, historical facts, a Romanian imaginary and an epic formula branded by Doina Ruști. Plus vintage illustrations.


Stories & Novels in translation

A translation basically represents another book, whose life I almost know nothing about. For the other versions of the novel I relied entirely of the translators. I’ve heard that the German version was highly praised. They changed the title in Spanish. I don’t know if that was for the better or not. (Doina Rusti about Lizoanca)


La gata del viernes (Mâța Vinerii)

Esdrújula Ediciones, Granada, 2019, trad. Enrique Javier Nogueras Valdivieso

Ártó receptek könyve (Cartea bucatelor rele)

versiunea maghairă a romanului Mâța Vinerii, Orpheusz, Budapesta,trad. Szenkovics Enikő.


trad. Sebastián Teillier, Descontextos Editore, Santiago de Chile, 2018

Freitagskatze (Mâța Vinerii), Klak Verlag, Berlin, 2018, trans. Roland Erb

Das Phantom in der Mühle (Fantoma din moară), Klak Verlag, Berlin, 2017, trans. Eva Ruth Wemme

Frankfurt, 2017, with Jörg Becken, Jan Cornelius

The Truancy (Un sfert de oră apăsător), (story), The Stockholm Review of Literature, 2017, Springer

When the ten o’clock break ended, she took a last look at the stinking toilet bowl and cautiously pulled the door ajar. She couldn’t hear a thing; not even the cleaning lady’s rubber shoes. The water spilt during the break still glistened on the blue tiles, and someone had left their lipstick on a sink.

The Phanariot Manuscript (Manuscrisul fanariot), excerpt, Trafika Europe, nr 8, 2016, trans. Liana Grama

The Lover (Amantul), Trafika Europe, no 8, 2016, trans. Andrew Davidson

Eliza (Lizoanca), Antolog, 2015, Skopje, trans. Alexandra Kaitozis

Eliza a los once años (Lizoanca), Ediciones Traspiés, Granada, 2014, trans. Enrique Nogueras

Lizoanca tizenegy évesen (Lizoanca), Orpheusz Kiadó, Budapest, 2015, trans. Szenkovics Enikő

Fenerlilere ait elyasmasi eser (Manuscrisul fanariot), excerpt, Sözcükler, 58, aprilie, 2015, Istanbul, trans. Leila Unal

Istanbul, 2015

Zogru, Sétatér Kulturális Egyesület, Budapest, 2014, trans. Szenkovics Enikő

Lizoanca, Horlemann Verlag, Berlin, 2013, trans. Jan Cornelius

Lisoanca, Rediviva Edizioni, Milano, 2013, trans. Ingrid Beatrice Coman

Tamara Roman in Apartment 26, 2012, video (director Alexandra Băilă)

Apartment 26, Koracic, Belgrad, 2013, trans. Oana Ursulesku

Fiction 2013 - Contemporary Romanian Prose (coord Lucian Teodorovici)

L’omino rosso (Omulețul roșu), Nikita Editore, Firenze, 2012, trans. Roberto Merlo, trailer

Bill Clinton’s Hand (Mâna lui Bill Clinton), Bucharest Tales, New Europe Writers, 2011, (coord:A. Fincham, J. G Coon, John a’Beckett)

Kareli gomlek ve Bukreș'teki Bașka On Hadise (Cămașa în carouri și alte 10 întâmplări din București), Kalem Kultur Yaynlari, Istanbul, 2011, trans. Cristina Dincer

I miei ginecologi (Ginecologii mei), in Compagne di viaggio, Sandro Teti Editore, 2011 (trans. Anita Bernacchia) (coord Radu Pavel Gheo, Dan Lungu)

Ura pri univerzi, Zgodbe iz Romunije, Sodobnost International, Ljubljiana, 2011 9.

Zogru, Ed Bonanno, 2010, Roma; Catania, trans. Roberto Merlo,

L’omino rosso (trad Roberto Merlo) în Il romanzo romeno contemporaneo, Ed. Bagatto Libri, 2010, Roma.

Zogru (excerpt), 11 books contemporary romanian prose, Ed. Polirom, 2006, trans. Alistair Ian Blyth

Zogru, Balkani Publishing House, Sofia, 2008, trans. Vasilka Alexova

Învingătorul, Nagyvilag (trans. Noémi László), Budapest, sep. 2010

Cristian (trans. Linda Maria Baros), Paris, Le Bateau Fantôme, 8, 2009, ed. Mathieu Hilfiger

Cristián (trans. Sebastián Teillier), Madrid, El fantasma de la glorieta, 16/2008,

The begining (poem), Under a Quicksilver Moon, 2002, SUA, Library of Congress, Washington

Dicționar de simboluri din opera lui Mircea Eliade (excerpt), La Jornada Semanal, no. 455; 456, 2003 (trans. José Antonio Hernández García)

Cristian, short movie, poster (Dragos Panait, Teodora Toader). Cannes, Corner, 2015, IMDb

She has published no less than 11 novels so far—Homeric (2019), being the latest—and her work has been included in various literary anthologies, in Romania and abroad. Most of her books have been translated in Italian, Spanish, French, German, Hungarian or Turkish. Among her most popular translated novels is Lizoanca la 11 ani (Lizoanca at the age of eleven), available in German, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, and Macedonean. The novel tells the story of a young girl accused of spreading an epidemic in a small Romanian village, becoming, over the course of one summer, not only public enemy no. 1, but also a mass media phenomenon. The intensity of the book reminded Spanish journalist and critic Miguel Baquero of the fierceness of the Hungarian author Ágota Kristóf:

It cannot not be—surely it is not—by chance that both authors, Kristóf and Ruști, come from the dismembered East Europe: both in the case of the Hungarian and now in that of the Romanian there is a cruel, ruthless atmosphere, in which nobody cares for the other.


Short stories


about writing


Sequences from the short movie The insidious shadow of love (director. Doina Ruști)

Silviu Mircescu (Bobo)

Tache Florescu (Leo)

  • Cream Truffles, România literară, nr. 31, 2015

  • The Forest Raioasa (Pădurea Râioasa), Ramuri, nr 2, 2014

  • 35 minutes after (35 de minute după), România literară, 2014

35 minutes after, short movie (dr. Cristi Toporan), with Tamara Roman, Anghel Damian

  • The Visit (Vizita), România literară, no 8, 2013

  • The Black Fiat500 (Fiatul negru), Viața românescă, no 9-10, 2013

  • The Prince Avolo (Prințul Avolo), Cui i-e frică de computer (coord Tina Sinmihăian, Liviu Papadima), Ed. Arthur, 2013

  • Trattoria Amore, Catchy, 30 aprilie, 2012

  • The Cinematograph in mall (Cinematograful din mall), România literară, no 7, 2012

  • The Lover (Amantul), România literară, no 29, 2011

  • How started the melancholy of Cici Bezergheanu (Cum a început blazarea lui Cici Bezergheanu), Bucureștiul Cultural, no. 107, 19 iulie, 2011

  • Provincial Store (Magazin provincial), Obiectiv Cultural, 2011

  • The red whistle (Fluierul roșu), rev Timpul, March, 2011 etc

  • The Topaz earrings, (Cerceii cu topaze), in Bucureștii Vechi și Noi, Ed. Subiectiv, 2011 (coodr. Andrei Slăvuțeanu)

  • The secret of big houses, (Secretul caselor mari), Revista de suspans, no 17, 2011

  • The DNA crypts, (Criptele ADN-ului), Ziarul financiar, June 15, 2012

  • Apartment 26 (Apartamentul 26), Timpul, no 3, 2011

Imagine din filmul Apartment 26 (r. Adrian Băilă)

  • The long wait of Mrs. Glodeanu (Mult așteptatul ceas al D-nei Glodeanu), revista 22, Bucureștiul Cultural, no. 103, 2010

  • Bill Clinton’s Hand (Mâna lui Bill Clinton), revista 22, Bucureștiul cultural, no 95, 2010

  • My gynecologists (Ginecologii mei), in Tovarășe de drum (coord Dan Lungu, Radu Pavel Geo), Polirom, 2010

  • The afternoon of a murderer manaph (Amiaza unui manf ucigaș), România literară, no 25/2010

  • The elf in Batiste Street (Spiridușul de pe strada Batiște), Luceafărul de dimineață, no, 1-2, 2010

  • The Wigs Shop (Prăvălia de peruci), România literară, no. 52, 2009 etc.

  • Devil in love (Diavolul îndrăgostit), Revista la plic no. 4/2010

  • Four people chattering (O crimă și patru oameni care trăncănesc),1991, Hyperion, 1-3, 2009

  • Cristian, România literară, no 17/2007

The short movie Cristian (r. Doina Ruști), Cannes, Festival Corner

  • Easter Story (Poveste de Paște), România literară, no. 15/2009 & Cămașa în carouri, Polirom, 2010

Laura Vasiliu (cover)

  • The Winner (Învingatorul) - Convorbiri literare, March, 2009

  • Asphalt Cherries (Cireșele din asfalt), Ed. Limes, 2008 (coordonator Mircea Petean) - antologia USR

  • SIGCHLD, fork() and sleep() România literară, no. 29, July 25, 2008

  • My uncle, the postman(Unchiul meu, poștașul), Mozaicul, no. 4/2008

  • The Padlock and the Key (Lacătul și cheia), România literară, 45/2008

  • European Union (Uniune europeană), România literară, 48/2007, Art,

  • Next to the Church of St Silvestr (Lângă Biserica Sf. Silvestru), Convorbiri literare, November, 2006

  • Tits (Țâțe), Povești erotice românești (vol. colectiv), Ed. Trei, 2007

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